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Stunning Halloween Face Gem Sticker Embellishments

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  • Unique, stunning and super easy to use
  • Stand-out and get noticed!
  • Many different designs to choose from!
  • Made from acrylic and resin
  • Won't irritate your skin
  • Self-adhesive, making them easy to apply, glue is not needed
  • Convenient and quick
  • Use on face, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, around your eyes, arms, hands or anywhere you choose!
  • Perfect addition for your Halloween costume
  • Use on a pumpkin or with arts and crafts
  • Package includes one face gem sticker mask(one design)

How To Use

  • Clean your skin where you want to use the gems
  • Peel gems from backing surface, then place directly on your skin
  • Follow the design or feel free to change it up to add your own creativity
  • Gems have a good self-adhesive and will stay in place all night
  • It's that easy to have this amazing look!


  • Material:Acrylic, Resin
  • Size:18.5 x 22cm / 7.28" x 8.66"
  • Occasion:Holiday, Party
  • Quality Guarantee Period:24 Months
  • Number of Pcs:1PC
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