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Salty French Fries Adult Costume

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The Beloved Fry

This is it. The moment everyone dreads when they consume fast-food from that greasy paper bag. All the fries from the fry package are gone. Wait, there in the bottom of the bag lies the last fry, hoping it will make it to see another day. Unfortunately, it has no chance of survival. Like any normal human, the person that purchased that fast-food meal does not skip a beat while hunting down each and every salty, starchy fried slice of potato. The fry's fate is met. It is gone, but never forgotten. Fortunately, for every fry consumed, America produces what seems to be an infinite number of fries. Remind everyone of that moment at your next Halloween party!

Why You'll Love It

This french fries costume is the perfect option for the Halloween season. Made from quality polyester material, this costume will last many Halloween parties. Need to clean? Simply hand wash and set it out to dry.

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