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Sable Goddess Costume

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The Enticing Proposal of the Goddess

Be calm like Hestia. Be bold like Aphrodite. Be of reason and show no compassion like Athena. Take inspiration from each Greek Goddess and every mortal shall bow before you, the Sable Goddess. This gorgeous black gown will show off your bodacious curves and fascinate any mortal men that may lust after you.

For a divine duo, have a friend wear the more modest Grecian Goddess costume to make sure you don't go breaking too many hearts.

Why You'll Love It

This women's costume was made with 100% polyester, no mortal materials. Caught in a dark and stormy night? Hand wash your maiden gown and hang it out to dry. To prevent colors from bleeding, avoid bleaching or ironing this attire. Follow the size chart for a fit only suitable for a goddess.

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