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Romantic Gradient Soap Flower Bouquets

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  • Rose shaped soap means love making this set a thoughtful and meaningful gift to your lover, mother or friends for the Valentine's Day,Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays and any other special occasions.
  • Look just like roses, smell like roses too, but without the thorns, the withering, or the pollen!
  • This is an excellent alternative to real flowers for gift recipients with allergies.
  • They are long-lasting and make a great decorative accent or to use in the bath for a romantic
  • But affordable alternative to bubble baths with real rose petals.
  • They also make a great decorative accent in your bathroom on a soap dish.


    • Material: Soap
    • Type: bouquet
    • Breed: rose
    • Packaging: gift box
    • Color: Red,Pink,Purple,Blue 
    • Size: about 28×20×5cm
    • Package Included:1 x Soap Rose Box

    Delivery Time

    10-15 Days


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