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9230-HALLOWEEN found

Loaded Baked Potato Adult Costume

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Everyone love potato. One of top crops of American midwest, where I live normal AMERICAN life. Potato grow from beautiful AMERICAN soil. People like potato for because you can have them in so many different ways. Mashed with garlic, baked in foil, thrown at cars that speed too fast in your neighborhood. Don't forget to take off their dashcam. Nice! Good for dinner on the go. Just wrap in foil, bake some hours, and hold in hand to eat while you walk to Raskolnikov's house for good old fashioned game of AMERICAN poker! Good for make vodka. Good for hiding in hollow tree to keep from nosey wife. Buy potato.


Unisex potato costume make with 100% polyester, no half-bake materials. Caught in dark and soggy night? Hand wash your potato for to hang dry. To prevent color from bleeding, avoid bleaching or ironing this attire. Please buy.

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