Jack O Lantern Talk Digt Decor-HALLOWEEN found

Jack O Lantern Talk Digt Decor

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The Talking and Singing Jack O Lantern Digital Dcor Flashdrive can be used on a TV or video projection. The Jack O Lantern greets guests with a 2 minute spooky story about Halloween and Trick or Treating both as a static talking pumpkin and moving alive type pumpkin. Talking Jack O Lantern also includes versions with two additional Jack O Lanterns listening to the story! These can be projected onto actual white balls such as a white painted beach ball or other 2 foot diameter inflated ball to create a 3D illusion. These scenes also come in Eyes Nose Mouth forms to be projected onto uncarved pumpkins with further variations that light up your pumpkin to various degrees giving you many different ways to decorate with this effect. The Singing Jack O Lantern sings a song called Halloween Night, with vocals recorded by a professional singer/actor who also does the talking versions. This comes in full pumpkin animation, as well as Eyes Nose Mouth. 11 Clips total. Video FX for Halloween! No license required for Commercial Attractions. Hang a white screen in a window and using a projector you can project video onto your screen for a very realistic illusion. You can also show these on your television!