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Hanging LED Light-up Witches Hats

Regular Price
$19.95 USD
Sale Price
$19.95 USD
Unit Price

Make your display wicked!

The perfect combination of a witch hat and lights to light up your Halloween. Each witch hat measures approx. 34 cm/13.3 in high, Bottom outer diameter 37 cm/14.5 in, Inner diameter 19 cm/7.48 in.
  • Hats are suitable to wear
  • Powered by button battery (included)
  • Great for parties, carnivals, Halloween displays
  • Fit for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Equipped with a hook so you can hang them in any room, tree, your porch etc. to illuminate your display.
  • Choose from Orange, Red, Pink, Hot Pink or Purple. The 5-pack multi comes with one of each color.
  • Polyester material
  • Purchase individually or as a pack of 5
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