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Ladies Elite Royal Guard Costume

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Trial by Combat

Protect the throne in this Elite Royal Guard battle suit. This Haunt-look costume will help you embody the fierce spirit of the panther with a dazzling red and gold tunic. Your enemies won't stand a chance! The costume comes with all the flair an elite warrior needs to keep her king and kingdom free.

Wear this for Halloween, group costumes, theme parties, and costume contests. And when Halloween comes to an end, use it for cosplay, role play, and dress up – or battling alien invaders alongside your favorite heroes!

Handle With Scare

This women's costume is made with 100% polyester, no hocus pocus materials. Caught in a black and stormy night? Hand wash your eerie outfit and hang it out to dry. Follow the size chart for a scary good fit. Magical panther root not included.

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