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Creepy Cockroach Adult Costume

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Creepy Cockroach Costume

Don't get squashed crawling away from the crowd in this cockroach costume! Ever wondered what its like to indestructible cockroach? Unfortunately, this costume won't do that, so don't get any ideas. What this costume will do for you is make you look like the biggest roach on the planet, even if you are already. Bug your friends this Halloween and get all eyes on you while people wonder why you're dressed up as the most hated creature alive. This costume is guaranteed to convince your friends that you're attempting to look like the real thing, but most likely looking like a clown no matter the costume.

Why You'll Love It

The Creepy Cockroach costume is the perfect costume option for the upcoming Halloween season. Gross out your friends and family in the cockroach costume. Look like the real thing with multiple legs, antennae, and wings! You will look like the biggest bug in town. Made from quality polyester material, and will last many Halloween parties!

Need to clean? Simply hand wash your costume and set it out to dry.

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