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Butter Knife Adult Costume

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Take a Stab at It

Lets get to the point and cut to the chase. This awesome knife costume slices straight to originality and will make you stand out at the party. Why dress up as a knife you might ask? When was the last time you saw someone dressed up as a knife at a Halloween party, or at all? That's right, we're betting never. Now is your chance to be original, you don't have many other opportunities to do so. Be a knife this Halloween season. Keep your guests and friends guessing about your intentions for dressing up as a knife. Some see it as a useful tool for cooking and working. Others, well, others see it as a terrifying weapon of murderous intent. Take stabs at people's costumes as they quietly compare their poor costume choices to your original idea to dress up as a knife.

Why You'll Love It

The knife costume is the perfect costume option for the upcoming Halloween season. Take sarcastic stabs at your friends and cut to the chase with this knife costume. Made from quality polyester material, this costumes will last many Halloween parties! Need to clean it? Simply hand wash your costume and set it out to dry.

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