Animated Lunging Haggard Witch

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Something wicked this way comes!

Standing over 6ft tall to the top of her pointed hat this wicked witch features a soft PVC head with glowing light up eyes long stringy gray hair an easy to assemble quick connect metal frame, gnarled plastic hands and plastic staff with rotting skull topper.

She is dressed in a black and gray fabric hooded costume with shredded gauze details. Plug the UL power adapter into any standard outlet & choose from Steady On, Infra Red Sensor or Step Here Pad (included) activation options to operate. Once activated, the Lunging Haggard Witch's eyes will light up with an other worldly glow as she lunges toward you while saying one of four sayings

"Well hellooo! You don't happen to have some candy for a sweet little old lady do you? Give it to me!! You're too fast for me, but Ill get it next time, ah haha haha ha"

"Do you not like witches? Perhaps you should, since one poisonous touch from me will wither your soul Gotcha! ah hahahaha! Ah, you escaped my grasp, for now!".

"Want to play a game?

I catch you, I get to turn you into a Toad! Abra Cadabra! Ooh, drat! Judging by the speed you jumped back, perhaps you are part Toad already! He he he!".

"Excuse me, can a sweet old lady find her cauldron? I cant seem to find it anywhere. I got ya!! Ooh, he he he! Oh, if you weren't so fast, You'd be in my cauldron right now!"

The infra red sensor works up to 6.5' feet away and works in all lighting conditions bright light to no light! Item includes volume control. Assembly required. Materials: 40% Iron, 8% PVC, 2% Electronic, 30% Polyester, 20% Cotton.

With several spooky sayings, one must be careful not to get in the way of this powerful witch!