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Amazing Draw with Light Sets

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Kids LOVE these!

A set of "Draw with light" will help a child reveal his/her creative potential, but at the same time, furniture and wallpaper in your house/apartment will not be "decorated" with ink.

Take the special tablet with the light-accumulating coating, a flashlight marker and start drawing! From the touch of the "brush" to the "canvas" there will be light lines, the brightness and clarity of which depends on the distance from the marker to the tablet and the angle of inclination. You can not erase from the work surface, but you can draw on top, since each new line will be brighter than the previous one. The pictures completely disappears on their own within 30-40 minutes.

At the other end of the marker is a pen with special ink that appears only under the light of the flashlight. It can not be drawn on a tablet - use plain paper for this!

Recommendations for use:

  • The less light there is in the room, the brighter the picture will be
  • The recommended drawing session is no more than 15-20 minutes
  • Don't use the tablet for anything other than the flashlight marker
  • Don't direct the marker light into the eyes.
  • Recommended to keep the tablet in a dark place during free time

Package Includes:

A:  Size: 30 x 2 x 41 cm (Luminous board *1, pen *2, manual *1, letter card *1)
B:  Size: 21 x 2 x 32 cm (Luminous board*1, pen*1, manual*1, letter card*1)
C:  Size: 13 x 2 x 20 cm (Luminous board*1, pen*1, manual*1, letter card*1)
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