Aliens Digital Decor USB
Aliens Digital Decor via USB-HALLOWEEN found
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Aliens Digital Decor via USB

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$24.95 USD
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$24.95 USD
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ALIENS Extraterrestrials Digital Decor gives Halloween decorators an ET Alien-themed effects series for that other-worldly look.

While projecting on a screen covering your front window it will appear that Aliens are walking in your house and looking out the window.

Multiple Aliens walk in fog or peer at you with a UFO in the background. They even fly IN a UFO! There are scenes with Aliens in Area 51 containment chambers and standing in high tech spacecraft interiors. There are very wide view scenes and close up scenes--

Varieties designed to fit all window sizes including even large movie screens!

Contains 25 total effects including select vertical scenes [flipped sideways] for thin windows and a couple of bonus Christmas Themed Alien effects!

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