Santa Black Virtual Digt Decor-HALLOWEEN found

Santa Black Virtual Digt Decor

$25.95 USD
$25.95 USD

African American version of the original Virtual Santa Window Effect. Virtual Black Santa delivers Christmas Presents in your home very much like our original Virtual Santa with some new effects with different backgrounds magic and flying presents! Santa Larry Jefferson is the Famous Mall of America Black Santa, and brings with him a highly personal acting style, an excitement and personality that's truly extraordinary. Santa joyously weighs presents, delivers presents, and appears in a variety of backgrounds including Santa's Workshop. This DVD contains 10 Scenes, designed to be played individually, about half of the normal Widescreen HD framing, some with a 90 degree vertical flip, designed for tall window applications. The vertical images allow a better framing, brighter and sharper picture in windows which are tall and thin, by fitting the entire image inside a common vertical window which is about the shape of a wide screen TV/Projected image, turned on end. No license required for commercial attractions. Hang a white screen in a window and using a projector you can project video onto your screen for a very realistic illusion. You can also show these on your television!