Roaches Worms Bug Mice Dig Dec-HALLOWEEN found

Roaches Worms Bug Mice Dig Dec

$27.95 USD
$27.95 USD

We are pleased to offer a new effects series of real Creepy Crawlers called Roaches Worms Bugs and Mice Digital Decor Twenty different creepy effects are included! Designed to be projected onto a screen covering your front window the videos may also be projected on a movie screen or wall. Large Cockroaches invade the scene appearing to crawl all over your surface of choice (a white background illuminates the wall, table or floor you project onto). Huge groups of mice appear to swarm everywhere, freaking out everyone who is afraid of them. Worms are the next creepy effect in this video selection, and appear to crawl all over the projected surface. Finally a combination of different bugs adds to the variety of creatures apparently invading your house. They crawl in rounded sinks, and flat countertops, letting you project into sinks, toilets or tables/floor/counters. A selection of virtual 3D effects versions are also included so you can project these creatures, in 3D realism, onto the ground in front of your approaching guests! [no 3D glasses required]. Great Halloween party decor!