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Animated Swinging Skeletal Boy

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Everyone will be afraid to come up to your house with the Swinging Skeletal Boy around!

This creepy prop features a Victorian era skeletal boy with hollowed out eyes that glow an other worldly blue and speaks haunting phrases to all passersby as his head turns side to side while he swings back and forth on his swing.

Your haunted house will never be the same with the Swinging Skeletal Boy!

Animation: Eyes glow blue Head turns side to side Swings back and forth on swing. Phrases prop says:

Hello. Do you want to play? I've been swinging here waiting for you, for years and years. You have such nice skin...can I have it? (giggle) That's okay, I'll come get it when you're sleeping. I'll make you one of us, then you can swing forever too (giggle)!

One, two, I'm a you, Three, four, breaking down your door, Five, six, beware of my tricks, Seven, eight, you will not escape, Nine, ten, this will never end! (Giggle).

Activation options: Steady on, Infra red sensor (works up to 6.5' feet away & works in all lighting conditions), Step here pad (included). Power: UL power adapter that plugs into any standard outlet.

Materials: Polyester, PVC, sponge, plastic, hemp rope, electronics. Assembly required. Fixed height 62 inches, width 16 inches, animation right to 50 inches, depth 18 inches.


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